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New construction

This website is all about the Latest Evolvements in J & R Plumbing and Heating Construction:

- New House Designs
- Better Construction Methods
- Changing Rules, Regulations and Requirements for Building Permit
- etc.

Whether it is a small bungalow, luxury house, resort, commercial building or retirement village that you want to build; just contact us.
Why did an American architect select us to construct a commercial building here?
Why did a European developer select us to build a retirement village?
Because we use 'Value Engineering':
We do not 'cheapen' your building nor do we 'cut corners'.
We remove unnecessary expenditures and find alternatives.
We optimize the FUNCTION of ALL parts of your project.
We simply use knowledge which other US architects and contractors might fail to recognize due to lack of information, shortage of time, rigid application of standards, reluctance to seek advice, habitual thinking, failure to admit ignorance, poor human relations, resistance to change or they make decisions based on feelings rather than facts.