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Leak detection and repair

Anew gas leak detection service has been introduced by J & R Plumbing and Heating, that can quickly monitor an entire plant or length of pipeline and visually identify any leaks. The new technology enables escaping gases to be identified and observed on video so that repairs can be implemented with the minimum of delay.
The leak detection service uses patent pending technology unique that enables plumes of leaking gas to be observed by using an advanced optical viewing technique. The detection process works on the gas correlation principle. A dual image telescope is coupled to an Infra-Red (IR) camera equipped with spectral filtering. The camera images are processed in real time on a PC to show a gas leak in false-color, overlaid on a normal video film.
The IR sensitive camera is equipped with a filter for the selection of specific molecular IR bands for the gases most likely to be found escaping from a particular plant or pipeline.