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Emergency Plumbing

The aim of J & R Plumbing and Heating in US is to collect, analyze and share information on national planning activity to ensure the most effective use of civil resources for use during emergency situations, in accordance with Alliance objectives.
It enables Allies and Partner nations to assist each other in preparing for and dealing with the consequences of crisis, disaster or conflict.
In a rapidly changing world, populations in US and Partner countries are threatened by many risks including the possible use of chemical, biological, radiological weapons by terrorists. However, terrorism is not the only challenge. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods and man-made disasters continue to pose a serious threat to civilian populations.

  •  J & R Plumbing and Heating emergencies: a threat to security and stability
  • Decision-making bodies
  • Support for stabilization and reconstruction
  • Coordination with other international organizations
  • Anything from replacing a kitchen sink to adding a gas bayonet point to cleaning the gutters. The list doesn't end there - all household plumbing repairs can be carried out. Whether it is a toilet cistern that is leaking, a cracked basin, a toilet that won't flush, or even a complete sewer rebuild. Water leaks and dripping taps are easy to ignore, but over months will waste J & R Plumbing and Heating’s precious water and possibly cause water damage. Don't put off your household plumbing repairs any longer. For great household plumbing repair, accurate identification or 'diagnosing' must be performed.